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Structuring and Management Service

Our clients rely on the CJ&S team throughout the acquisition process (including any pre-delivery period) and often, beyond the conclusion of that acquisition. Our core aim is to make the process of becoming the owner of a high value asset such as a Corporate Jet, an uncomplicated yet diligently led process.

Whether we start at the beginning of the search process and help source the relevant Corporate Jet, or just source the most competitive option for financing it, or assist with a refinancing, there is no restrictive list, we will always tailor and structure a solution and ensure this is implemented for our clients. It’s just part of our service.

We create solutions for our client's needs and objectives based on their original instructions, but it is our management of the overall process of financing and acquiring the Corporate Jet as this unfolds, which for clients unfamiliar with this niche market can become an unwanted burden and which conversely for the CJ&S team is our strength.

Step by Step Approach

Understanding this niche industry and using our expertise to match the specialised and sophisticated aspirations of our clients is at the core of the CJ&S business.

  • Using our close relationships with manufacturers or brokers,  we are able to source the proposed type of aircraft for clients and for delivery within optimum timescales;
  • Handling discussions directly with manufacturers and brokers we aim to achieve the best deal for clients;
  • Dealing directly with lenders we customise finance solutions which match clients’ objectives and budgets, including tax optimisation issues;
  • Once decisions on a manufacturer and a lender have been made, we assist clients with the overall structuring and ultimate financing of a particular model and variant of Corporate Jet.
  • As part of our service we also oversee on behalf of our clients the appointment of suitable legal counsel to ensure the legal documentation process required by all lenders, registration of the Corporate Jet on the appropriate aircraft register and like issues, are all cost effective and efficiently run procedures, without our clients having to intervene on a day to day basis.

A “Hands-on” Service through the Acquisition Process

The CJ&S team are consistently commended for their diligent “hands-on” approach, acting on behalf of our clients through every stage of the acquisition process. This means the CJ&S team will involve themselves in all the underlying aspects of the transaction which may sometimes have been overlooked by clients prior to undertaking any purchase.

For example, once the transaction is underway CJ&S:

  • Appoint and oversee specialist lawyers for clients throughout the documentation process of the transaction;
  • Arrange the initial inspections and valuations of the Corporate Jet, as well as subsequent periodic inspections and valuations during the period of ownership;
  • Identify and help arrange  all relevant and specialist aviation insurance and related issues;
  • Advise on registration and ownership issues of the Corporate Jet e.g through offshore Special Purpose Company Structures (“SPC”) or Trusts with relevant Trust Companies.
  • Assist with the choice of a charter or management company for the Corporate Jet, if generating income is a client’s additional requirement.

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