The CJ&S Team

All of the CJ&S team are experienced professionals from a banking or legal background. Alongside their large contact base of the key players and professionals in this industry, each of them has a proven track record in bespoke financing of these niche assets, as well as structuring other big ticket assets such as commercial aviation on either a debt or tax based solution.

Although new in name and concept, CJ&S is not a "start-up" company. It is simply a team of established industry specialists with a drive and passion for these markets.

Prior to the formation of CJ&S, the team had built up significant years of knowledge and experience in corporate jet, superyacht and commercial aviation financing, both on the commercial and the legal side of a deal. Between them however, they recognised the need for a unique 360 degree approach to Corporate Jet and superyacht acquisition and financing, and the obvious "win-win" solution this brings for its clients.

Put simply, the 360 degree approach means the CJ&S team are very "hands-on" across all aspects of a transaction. Alongside our extensive up to date knowledge, experience and global relationships within the industry, pooling our skills as a team has in practice proven to be an extremely effective solution for clients and is a key mutual success factor in our business.

Why choose CJ&S?

CJ&S' strength is therefore its "hands-on" team based approach providing this unique service within the Corporate Jet and superyacht markets to all of its clients.

Thorough supervision of all aspects of the acquisition, and leading all parties involved in the transaction from the outset and to its conclusion is our practice.

CJ&S manage a timely, efficient and cost effective process to the undeniable benefit of our clients, helping them make the best choices and informed decisions in today's increasingly sophisticated market.

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