CJ&S’ Specialism

Our clients are likely to have already made the significant decision to become the owner of a Corporate Jet or Superyacht before they meet CJ&S.

Unprecedented in the market however, CJ&S offer clients dedicated management of all aspects of the complicated process of financing and acquiring a Corporate Jet or a Superyacht by employing a team based approach to structuring and arranging a transaction to cover every clients’ individual needs. The success of this approach has now led us to expand and horizontally integrate our activities into commercial aviation which takes us back to our roots of our global financing experience.

CJ&S provide a unique end to end management service from the outset of any acquisition, offering assistance with sourcing both the asset and a tailored financial solution, as well as overseeing all the inevitable legal and other documentation processes onto delivery of the chosen asset at the conclusion of the transaction.

Clients are attracted by CJ&S’ unique specialism and having the ultimate personal advisor within the discreet markets of Corporate Jet and Superyacht acquisition. Whilst some clients approach CJ&S with specific requirements in mind, it is clear to us that faced with today’s changing financial markets, all clients equally place huge reliance on having an advisor like CJ&S who is familiar and close to the financiers in the market, who has up to date knowledge of current trends and methods of finance, and who will  competently assist, structure and ultimately manage the financing of their asset.

Type of Assets

We will assist with acquisitions of both new and pre-owned assets. For Corporate Jets our main focus is mid-cabin sized aircraft and above. For Superyachts it’s the 40m and above sectors.

Bespoke Service

Having been involved in so many Corporate Jet or Superyacht financings over the years, the CJ&S Team are acutely aware of how a Corporate Jet or Superyacht financing transaction can go badly wrong without a project manager.

The CJ&S Team however have been regularly held out as the team who not only understand all the complex issues involved in a typical jet or yacht financing, but who have an outstanding capability as part of their "business as usual" mentality to add real value for clients through exceptional project management across all stages of the deal.

The project coordination and management which CJ&S offer is just not evident eleswhere in this niche industry. The ease with which CJ&S have successfully brought all of the parties involvcd in a transaction together at the pertinent times, often exceeding client's expectations by preempting unforeseen problems or complexities along the way, is often remarked upon.

CJ&S again and again help deliver project completion on time and within budget for it's clients, objectives which are absolutely key to any client, but are so often not met when nobody is coordinating a complex multi party transaction.

Overall responsibility for project management is key to the success and our involvement in a client's transaction. It is at the core of our business and the bespoke nature of our service.

By way of example, CJ&S will therefore ensure that all the terms and vital components involved in any particular Corporate Jet or Superyacht acquisition, not least the overall structuring and financing of the proposed asset, meet our clients’ objectives, without any client having to devote a huge amount of their own time to contacting a manufacturer, yard or broker, or enquiring of one of the many aircraft or yacht finance lenders for a financing facility.

CJ&S also look after all other aspects arising between all the related parties involved in the transaction as it progresses.

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